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Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef

Our cattle are on grass their entire lives. No feed-lots, no corn, just grass, which is what nature intended cattle...

Beef Roasts

Slow cooked or roasted, makes a great family meal.

Beef Snacks

Read-to-eat, nutritious beef snacks

Beef Steaks

Juicy, tender steaks ready for grilling or marinating.


Lamb products

Organs & Bones

Beef, Pork and Chicken organ meats: liver, heart, tongue, etc. and Soup/Marrow bones.

Pasture-raised Pork

Our hogs are pasture-raised and supplemented with only non-GMO, soy-free grain.

Poultry & Eggs

Our turkeys and broiler chickens are raised in mobile coops which are moved onto fresh grass frequently. Our layers...

BCR Swag

Coffee mugs, T-shirts, ball caps, etc.

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