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Lamb Sampler Box - $120

Choose a variety of lamb products up to 13 points. Save approximately 10% over buying items separately.

Lamb Sampler Box (Choose Up to 13 Points)

QtyPointsProductPackageTotal Points
7.60Leg of Lamb1 leg of lamb | Approx 5.5 pound
3.20Lamb Ribs1 Lamb Riblets | Approx 1.9 pound
2.60Lamb Shank1 lamb shank | Approx 1.6 pound
1.60Stew Meat1 package lamb stew meat | 1 pound
1.50Ground Lamb1 package ground lamb | 1 pound
1.20Lamb Chops1 Rib chop | Approx 0.2 pound
2.20Lamb Chops1 Loin chop | Approx 0.3 pound
2.00Lamb Chops1 Sirloin chop package of 2 | Approx 1 pound
2.00Shoulder Roast1 lamb shoulder roast | Approx 2.7 pound
3.40Lamb Ribs1 Rack of Ribs | Approx 2 pound
You have selected products that have more points than allowed.

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