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Steak Lovers Box - $198

Used to be 4 T-bones or NY Strips, 4 Rib Eyes, and 2 Sirloins, but now you can choose what you want using our online store's bundle feature. Select items until the total points are less than or equal to 20. Save approximately 10% over buying items separately.

Steak Lovers Box (Choose Up to 20 Points)

QtyPointsProductPackageTotal Points
1.20Filet Mignon1 filet mignon | Approx 0.4 pound
2.80Rib Eye Steaks1 rib eye steak | Approx 0.6 pound
2.50Sirloin Steaks1 bone-in top sirloin steak | Approx 1.7 pound
1.10Sirloin Tip1 sirloin tip | Approx 1.5 pound
0.90Flat Iron Steak1 flat iron steak | Approx 0.6 pound
0.90Minute Steaks1 minute steak | Approx 0.8 pound
0.80Round Steak1 Eye of Round steak | Approx 1 pound
0.70Skirt Steak1 skirt steak | Approx 0.5 pound
1.90T-Bone Steaks2 T-bone steaks | Approx 2.1 pound
You have selected products that have more points than allowed.

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